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Laser Ammo Smokeless Range - Open Range Addon

€ 459.00
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

Full Moon Clips .45 ACP - black - 10 pieces

€ 17.90
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

DAA Individual Lynx-Elements for Lynx Belt

€ 1.50
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

Ballistol Stichfrei mosquito repellent

€ 7.15
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

Mantis Blackbeard AR15 - Red Laser

€ 279.90
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

Ghost Hydra

€ 154.95
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

Blade Tech Signature Mag Pouch Pro

€ 29.99
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

Alpha Precision AlphaGrip

€ 24.99
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

Hyskore 6 Gun modular Pistol Rack

€ 41.50
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

CR Speed Ultra Holster

€ 219.00
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)


We have received bullets from the manufacturers LOS and Frontier

We have received bullets from the manufacturers LOS and Frontier Bullets. The items are in stock right now, available in larger quantities and many different calibers. On the German market these manufacturers have long been known for an outstanding, consistent processing quality and dimensional accuracy of their products. There is a variety of different calibers, bullet shapes and bullet weights disposable in our online shop. The bullets from both of the manufacturers are completely enclosed by copper. Thus the lead pollution of the ambient air and in the barrel is reduced to a minimum. Even while reloading you won’t come into contact with an open lead base, like it is with some bullets of other manufacturers.

IPSC clothing, new to

We have now added functional competitive shooting clothing to our range of products! We offer special clothing for IPSC shooters from "Ghost Wear" and products from the trendy label Under Armour´s tactical clothing range. Various baseball caps complete the range of products.

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Speedmags available in a wide range of colours

The Speedmag magazine holder from Höppner and Schumann is now available in a wide range of colours! Pink, safety yellow, hunter orange and zombie green are just some of the 20 colours available.

Speedmag 5CW | Speedmag 3.2


The cleaning system from Dewey is new to our range of products. Dewey products, with their high-quality components, have clearly emerged as the standard against which all others must be measured.

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