A-ZOOM Snap caps caliber .45 Auto

A-ZOOM Snap caps caliber .45 Auto
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A-Zoom snap caps caliber .45 Auto · 5 pieces for pistols

Product description

The AZOOM snap caps perfectly simulate your original cartridges. And this in a safe way. The of solid, hard-anodized aluminum, the most modern CNC machines manufactured cartridges have an exceptionally durable plastic Percussion cap, which cutting off the firing pin can withstand over 3,000 times. Thus, these cartridges have a 30 times longer lifetime than conventional, now available on the market snap caps. The snap caps save the weapon and is versatile, e.g. in education, during training and in the function tests with the weapon.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Roman R. from Austria in April 2014
Perfekt.Kann jetzt den überarbeiteten Abzug meiner 1911er kontrollieren ohne jedes mal eine leere Hülse zu `` laden``.
Harry O. from Netherlands in October 2021
Genau das, wonach ich gesucht habe, und schnell geliefert
Ch. D. from Austria in May 2012
funktionieren wie sie sollen, auch nach paar hundert "schuss" noch wenig Abnutzung am Hülsenmund, am "Zünder" sichtbare Einpressung aber denke das gehört so

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