CED Infrared light barrier set

CED Infrared light barrier set
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CED Infrared-Upgrade for CED M2 Chronograph

Product description

The Light on Indoor Ranges or dark outdoor ranges does not allow a reliable measuring in many cases. The CED Infrared-Upgrade ensures a consistent and humogen light. Custom Solutions often require a lot of work and finetuning to work reliable, the CED Infrared-Upgrade can be installed in Seconds and is 100% reliable.

If no 220V is available the CED Infrared-Upgrade Kit can be connected to the optional CED Battery pack.

Content: 2 Light bridges 4 Bridge supports 1 Power supply - 220V

--- Does not include the CED M2 Chronograph! ---

Function: The CED Infrared-Upgrade replaces the standard light collectors of the CED M2 Chronograph and needs to be connected to a 220V power source or the optional Battery Pack.

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Roel V. from Netherlands in December 2020
Mit der Infrarot-Lichtschranke funktioniert der CED-Chronograph auch bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen einwandfrei.
Da nicht immer eine Steckdose verfügbar ist, habe ich ein Anschlusskabel mit Niedervolt-Stecker hergestellt (5.50 mm 2.10 mm) damit ich die Kfz Starthilfe & Energiestation als Stromquelle verwenden kann.

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