DAA Book "Thinking Practical Shooting"

DAA Book "Thinking Practical Shooting"
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A guide to outstanding competition performance · 246 pages · by Saul Kirsch

Product description

Saul Kirsch ranks among the best IPSC shooters and has taken part in many competitions around the world. In the past ten years he won numerous competitions for Level 3 and he has won the European Steel Challenge. In IPSC European Championships, he won second place and finished fifth at the IPSC World Cup 2002. Saul is a qualified and experienced trainer. Among his students there are former and current champions in the dynamic firing from Israel, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Greece and the Netherlands.

In his second book, Saul shares 20 years of competition experience and know-how with its readers. With his unique background as an Olympic rifle shooter and then as an IPSC shooter, he has a solid understanding of the key elements necessary for outstanding performance under competitive pressure.

In his clear and sympathetic style Saul explains many complex issues that impact on the match performance: accuracy and recoil control, the IPSC-evaluation procedure, the mental process for maximum performance, visualization, match preparation, match and stage tactics to deal with match-stress, physical exercise and nutrition, goal setting, establishing a training program and much more.

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Walter T. from Austria in December 2013
Variant: Language: german
Fantastisches Buch für IPSC Schützen! Für alle anderen Schützen anderer Schießarten (PPC, SGKP, FFWGK, usw ) ebenfalls sehr entfehlenswert! Allerdings ungefähr ein knappes viertel ist rein für IPSC Schützen! Diese Kapitel kann man aber problemlos überspringen!
Darko J. from Austria in July 2013
Variant: Language: german
Dieses Buch kann ich nur empfehlen! Auch allgemein für Sportler da es fast ausschließlich um die Psyche und weniger um die Technik geht!Hab es in 3 Tagen neben der Arbeit regelrecht verschlungen.Mit paar Übersetzungsfehlern muss man sich halt abfinden.
Georg S. from Austria
Variant: Language: german
Super Buch
Christian S. from Austria
Variant: Language: german
Ist sehr Interessant
Wolfgang H. from Austria
Variant: Language: german
Sehr informatives Buch für IPSC Schützen

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