DAA Universal Cleaning Kit

DAA Universal Cleaning Kit
DAA Universal Cleaning Kit
DAA Universal Cleaning Kit
DAA Universal Cleaning Kit
Foto 1: DAA Universal Cleaning KitFoto 2: DAA Universal Cleaning KitFoto 3: DAA Universal Cleaning KitFoto 4: DAA Universal Cleaning Kit
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DAA Universal Cleaning Kit for six different calibers (rifle and handgun)

Product description

The DAA Universal Cleaning Kit is a truly comprehensive kit including all you need to maintain both rifles and pistols. The kits in designed to support 6 calibers, including these rifle calibers: 0.177, 0.223, 0.308 , and these pistol calibers: 9mm, 0.40 and 0.45.

The kit is packed in a sturdy Tactical-type case, made of heavy-duty D-600 material and including a large top-quality wrap-around zipper. Zipper heads have long cord heads for easy access. The case itself is Molle-ready, and can be attached on the outside of many bags and tactical packs. Multiple Molle-Pattern Velcro tabs on the front, allow you to add name tags, patches or other small attachment items. The case includes a rubberized DAA logo on a front Velcro tab.

Inside the kit is a multitude of accessories, all neatly packed and held in place with dedicated pockets and straps. The kit includes the following items:

The tactical case itself
A large leak-proof bottle for the oil/solvent of your choice (supplied empty)
A large bristle brush with wooden handle
A plastic/rubber cleaning rod handle, which doubles as the pull through handle for the flexible cables
Two flexible rubber-protected cables for rifle barrel pull though cleaning. With brass threaded ends
Two bags of cleaning patches
Three-piece set of Utility double-end brushes (Steel, Brass, Nylon)
4-piece Plastic Hook set
Double-end Steel dental tool
Rod for pistol barrel cleaning
6 pcs of bronze cleaning brushes, in the supported calibers
6 pcs of mop cleaning attachments, in the supported calibers
2 pcs patch holders (large and small)
3 pcs brass jags, in the supported pistol calibers

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Miika S. from Finland in April 2021
Everyone should have one of these, simple cleaning kit with bunch of picks brushes patches, anything you can think of.
Marcin K. from Poland in December 2018
If you need cleaning set to use for multiple kind of guns, it’s probably the best choice for reasonable price ;)

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