Frontier Bullets .38/.357 - 125gr - FP - 1000 pieces

Frontier Bullets .38/.357 - 125gr - FP - 1000 pieces
Frontier Bullets .38/.357 - 125gr - FP - 1000 pieces
Foto 1: Frontier Bullets .38/.357 - 125gr - FP - 1000 piecesFoto 2: Frontier Bullets .38/.357 - 125gr - FP - 1000 pieces
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Handgun Bullets Frontier .38/.357 / 125 gr / FP

Product description

Frontier Metal Processing (Pty) Ltd., better known as Frontier Bullets, looks back on a long-term development as a producer of projectiles for the international market. Founded in 1994 in South Africa, the company produces a variety of bullets for an equally large number of different calibers. The products are marketed at an affordable price and excellent processing quality.

The flagship of the Frontier Bullets are the CMJ projectiles, which are completely closed in a pure copper coated jacket. The core of these projectiles consists of a lead-antimony alloy. Due to the completely enclosed full matel jacket, the lead pollution of the barrel and the ambient air is reduced to a minimum. A separation of the case and the projectile can also be excluded as far as possible.

The Restrike versions are characterized by their dimensional stability in shape and weight. These are only surpassed by the match versions, which are priced slightly higher and have a thicker copper coating. The Match versions are also suitable for portet barrels.

Many international top shooters already rely on the quality of Frontier Bullets. A product with a very good price / performance ratio. For dynamic shooting or target shooting disciplines where pure precision is important, these bullets will achieve excellent results. The packaging units vary in sizes of 500, 750 or 1,000, depending on the caliber.

Frontier handgun bullets

  • Caliber: .38 / .357
  • Weight: 125 gr.
  • Diameter: .357
  • Shape: flat point (FP)
  • Pack size: 750 pieces

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Galdino Alberto S. from Italy in September 2021
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