Mec-Gar Magazine for Colt - 9mm

Mec-Gar Magazine for Colt  - 9mm
Mec-Gar Magazine for Colt  - 9mm
Foto 1: Mec-Gar Magazine for Colt  - 9mmFoto 2: Mec-Gar Magazine for Colt  - 9mm
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Mec-Gar Magazine for Colt · Caliber 9 mm · 10 rounds

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Manufacturer: Mec-Gar

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Marco V. from Netherlands in October 2016
Very well made magazine and still very lightweight. Goes in and out the magwell far more easy then the original clips. And smooth loading til’ the last round.
Henrik A. from Sweden in March 2019
Very nice quality and i have had zero feeding problems with any of the five i own. The last two rounds are a bit stiff to put in but nothing that bothers me because they work so good.
Mario B. from Austria in June 2018
Zufuhrstörungen bei meinen STI Pistolen.
Die erste Patrone wird beim Ausziehen aus dem Magazin eingeklemmt - meiner Meinung nach wird die Patrone zu lange vom Magazin geführt so dass die Patrone nicht in den Lauf kippen kann. Probleme bei 6/6 gekauften Magazinen.
Veiko K. from Estonia in August 2017
None of 4 Mec-Gar 10 round magazines, that i bought for my gun, feed the first round in to the chamber. The bullet jams inside magazine nose down. If i take one bullet out of the magazine and leave 9 rounds in, there is still the same problem.
Frank B. from Netherlands in April 2016
I use this magazine in my Taurus PT1911. Build quality is better than the ones Taurus supplied. The Meg-Car drops free without sticking, takes the specified ten rounds and works reliably. I'll be ordering some more of these things...
Glenn A. from Sweden in July 2021
Good 9mm magazine, fit and function in my colt series 70 is perfect.
Robert H. from Netherlands in July 2019
Good quality, fits perfect in my STI Trojan.
Had a few feeding problems but that should be fixed pretty easy, just use them and the work like the should.
Peter Z. from Austria in July 2018
Die 10te Patrone lässt sich nur sehr schwer laden!
Funktioniert und ist sehr gut verarbeitet.
Ken K. from Estonia in October 2017
Cartridges nosediving and flying off whenmagazine is taken off with more than 5 rouns in mag. Heavy force to be used while insreting
Clode H. from Belgium in August 2017
Working perfect in my Ruger SR1911. Good quality.

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