Sordin Supreme Pro with Neckband

Sordin Supreme Pro with Neckband
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The best-selling ear headphones, the Supreme series and the standard equipment of the U.S. armed forces. Extreme quality workmanship, Waterproof, Neckband. Available in green or black The neck strap provides a secure grip, a band above the head holding the hearing protection in place and allowed to wear a helmet or other headgear on the tape.

Product description

High-end quality from Sweden
Sordin caused a sensation by the receipt of the order of a Tender process for the U.S. military, the hardest and most extreme requirements were based.
With innovative technology and the development of a special microchip Sordin succeeded to build a hearing protection that guarantees optimal protection with the best communication quality.
Because of digital technology, the housing capsules are so shallow that an absolute freedom of movement exists e.g. for the shotgun shooting or hunting.
For all Supreme models there is almost no reaction time for the suppression of the shot bang becuase of the full digital signal suppression (of the damaging signal level is thereby reduced to ambient noise. This allows for example the clear perception of an impact. Due to the noise reduction, normal voice communication is possible. When firing in enclosed spaces (echo effect), the digital technology also works reliably and automatically, it requires no manual switching.
All Sordin models have replaceable hygiene kits (ear cushions).
Technical data:
Neckband yes
Stereo sound quality / noise limit max. 82 dB (A): yes
Including 3.5-mm auxiliary input cable: yes
No noise from digital technology: yes
Amplification of ambient noise to 15 dB linear
Memory function for last volume: yes
Auto power off: yes
Low battery alarm: yes
Battery - Number / type: 2x AAA
Operating time on one battery charge: 600 hours
Weight - without batteries: 310g

Silicone/gel ear cushions are available as accessories!

Accessories for Sordin Supreme Pro with Neckband

Sordin Hygiene kit silicone

€ 37.50
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

Höppner und Schumann Headphone beltclip

€ 14.95
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

Carrying strap for hearing protection

€ 4.95
(incl. MwSt. plus shipping costs)

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