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€ 45.00
(incl.19% VAT plus shipping costs)

Höppner und Schumann Speedsec 7 Pro (without Insert)

€ 147.90
(incl.19% VAT plus shipping costs)

Mag|Coupler AR15/M4/M16

€ 14.90
(incl.19% VAT plus shipping costs)

Mantis X10 Shooting Performance System

€ 299.00
(incl.19% VAT plus shipping costs)

Mantis Mantis X3 Shooting Performance System

€ 199.00
(incl.19% VAT plus shipping costs)

Höppner und Schumann Speedmag AR Double

€ 59.50
(incl.19% VAT plus shipping costs)

Höppner und Schumann Speedmag AR

€ 37.90
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Dillon Dillon 550/XL750 Toolholder w/Wrench Set

€ 39.00
(incl.19% VAT plus shipping costs)

Dillon XL750 with casefeeder

€ 1149.00
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Dillon Casefeeder - new version

€ 359.00
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New Speedsec 7 Pro from Höppner und Schumann!


The latest IPSC holster from Höppner und Schumann combines thousands of times proven technology from the Speedsec 5CW combined with a modern design made of aluminum and the possibility to use the holster for different weapons by exchanging the insert block!

Höppner und Schumann Speedsec 7 Pro | Insert block for Speedsec 7

Selected accessories for IPSC shooting with AR-15


If you want to shoot IPSC with an AR15, you will also find many products selected this year. From optics and assemblies to bipods and accessories, magazines, magazine loaders and of course magazine holders, magazine couplers and cleaning supplies, we offer everything essential for dynamic shooting! As always, we have paid attention to quality and a good price / performance ratio in the product selection! A quick overview provides our special AR-15 page.

Selected accessories for AR-15

New in our shop: Hornady reloading components


Hornady - proudly made in the USA - now available in our online shop. We have expanded our reloading components section with many different products from the US manufacturer. Hornady has long been a synonym for high quality reloading components. We are currently offering various presses, dies and accessories that will make every enthusiast’s heart beat faster in this sector.

Hornady Reloading

We have received bullets from the manufacturers LOS and Frontier


We have received bullets from the manufacturers LOS and Frontier Bullets. The items are in stock right now, available in larger quantities and many different calibers. On the German market these manufacturers have long been known for an outstanding, consistent processing quality and dimensional accuracy of their products. There is a variety of different calibers, bullet shapes and bullet weights disposable in our online shop. The bullets from both of the manufacturers are completely enclosed by copper. Thus the lead pollution of the ambient air and in the barrel is reduced to a minimum. Even while reloading you won’t come into contact with an open lead base, like it is with some bullets of other manufacturers.

IPSC clothing, new to


We have now added functional competitive shooting clothing to our range of products! We offer special clothing for IPSC shooters from "Ghost Wear" and products from the trendy label Under Armour´s tactical clothing range. Various baseball caps complete the range of products.

To IPSC Clothing

Speedmags available in a wide range of colours


The Speedmag magazine holder from Höppner and Schumann is now available in a wide range of colours! Pink, safety yellow, hunter orange and zombie green are just some of the 20 colours available.

Speedmag 5CW | Speedmag 3.2



The cleaning system from Dewey is new to our range of products. Dewey products, with their high-quality components, have clearly emerged as the standard against which all others must be measured.

To the Dewey shop at

DAA Shotmaxx timer in wristwatch format


Now available in limited numbers for immediate shipping: the new Shotmaxx timer from Double-Alpha.
Due to the large demand, we have only been able to get hold of a few of the timers. We expect the new delivery to arrive first in 2014.

DAA Shotmaxx Timer | Accessories

Mr. Bulletfeeder, new to


We have expanded our range of products to include the internationally successful Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha.
The device promotes itself with a time saving of up to 50% during reloading and has received only the best types of reviews for reloading.
We have all of the most common types and almost the complete range of accessories in stock and ready for immediate shipping!

Mr. Bulletfeeder and accessories

Volume discounts at


We now offer volume discounts on various items regularly purchased in larger quantities. Our prices for magazine holders and speed loaders, in particular, have become even more attractive!
It goes without saying that our 10% discount for the purchase of a complete rig (holster, belt, magazine holder) still applies!

Speedmags | Glock magazines

New layout for


Our website has recently been revamped so that it´s new design is not only modern, but also clearer and easier to use. When you click on our website you will be automatically directed to the site designed for your device, meeting the needs of our many visitors with tablets and smartphones.

New Ghost products


Ghost has introduced a whole new set of products especially for IPSC: magazine holders for the IPSC Classic Division, a cartridge holder for practical shotgun disciplines and a magnetic clip holder for IPSC revolver.
The seasoned Ghost Magazine Pouch is now also available with an added magnet.

Show Ghost products

H & S MultiLock video


We have produced our first product video to mark the new MultiLock belt loop from Höppner and Schumann! The various H & S magazine holders are now gradually being delivered with the new easy-to-attach belt loop, allowing the magazine holder to be placed in different positions and making it adjustable for different belt widths.

Höppner und Schumann Speedmag 5CW

New offer: 5 Star Aluminum Speedloader


The speedloaders from the American manufacturer 5 Star are new to our product range. All parts of the speedloaders are milled on the latest CNC machines. We now offer those sizes not available from other speedloader manufacturers: caliber .454 Casull, .460 S & W Magnum and .500 S & W Magnum.

Speedloader caliber .500 | Speedloader caliber .460

Large CED Range Bag with a new feature


Largely unnoticed, CED has made a small but subtle change to the Profi Range Bag. The zipper of the main pocket is all the way round on the current version, so you can secure the main pocket of the Range Bag comfortably with a small padlock.

First competition holster from Saul Kirsch


Saul Kirsch, top IPSC shooter, has introduced his first self-developed competition holster. The DAA Master Race Competition Holster leaves nothing to desire: it is almost fully adjustable, the draw tension is adjustable and it can be used for different weapons using various adjustable locking blocks that can be purchased separately. The belt clip is also well thought out, being so compact that a Velcro belt adheres to where the holster is attached. Also based on practical experience, the screws are accessible from the outside, allowing an adjustment of the holster while being worn on the belt. Now in stock!

H & S Speedsec 4 finally available for CZ SP 01


The popular Speedsec 4 holster from Hoeppner and Schumann is finally available for the CZ SP 01 Shadow/Mamba. The Speedsec 4 is also available in the versions "long" (low hanging), "3D" (adjustable in three dimensions) and "multi-loop" (high-sitting for belts up to 58mm wide).

Hoeppner and Schumann Speedsec 6


New in our shop: the brand new Speed Holster H & S Speedsec 6 GF and GFL. The Speedsec 6 GFL has an adjustable muzzle support. The Speedsec 6 GF, on the other hand, is constructed in the same manner as the Speedsec 5 without a muzzle holder. Now in stock!