Hornady Lock-N-Load® AP™ Konfigurator

We receive inquiries about which parts are needed for a successful reloading start almost every day. This is still simple if you only want to load a single caliber, but it quickly becomes complex if you want to load a 2nd and 3rd caliber. Then you need quick change kits, caliber conversion kits, possibly an additional case feeder plate, bullet feeder die.

We are pleased to present our Hornady Lock-N-Load® AP™ configurator, which has gone into more work than you might think at first glance. All you have to do now is tick the desired caliber and choose the scope of the equipment, the configurator then shows all the parts required for this configuration.

Please understand the configurator result as our suggestion or recommendation for a comfortable reloading experience.


Please choose at least one caliber





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