Ghost Ultimate EVO

Ghost Ultimate EVO
Ghost Ultimate EVO
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Das Ghost Ultimate EVO Holster ist ein voll einstellbares Schnellziehholster für IPSC und BDMP geeignet.

Product description

IPSC holster by the manufacturer Ghost.

The holster has a reliable securing. By turning the locking lever, the gun is secured.
From this protected mode, the weapon can be drawn in a split second - by pulling you press the middle finger of the locking lever and so you give the weapon free.

Super Ghost Holster is adjustable in four axes, so that it can be customized.

The operation is thus similar to Hoeppner and Schumann 5CW. The settings are a little larger so that it can be optimally adapted to the gun and the shooter.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Bernhard N. from Austria in March 2020
Variant: Guntype: CZ Shadow 02, Side: Rechtshänder, Color: black
habe den Holster für die CZ Shadow 2 bestellt.
ohne jegliche Feineinstellung sofort verwendbar.
für schnelle Aktionen --- TOP ! Ziehen sowie Halftern ein Kinderspiel.
Preisleistung - sehr gut.
Markus R. from Austria in September 2020
Variant: Guntype: CZ Shadow 02, Side: Linkshänder, Color: black
super teil genau das was ich wollte
Peter W. from Great Britain in August 2020
Variant: Guntype: Colt 1911 und Clones, Side: Rechtshänder, Color: black
great holster very fast

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