NEWBOLD Self-Sealing Target L-Series 10" round

NEWBOLD Self-Sealing Target L-Series 10
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Self-Sealing Reactive Target L-Series in 10" round

Product description

Newbold L-Series self-sealing targets. These L Series targets swing back on hit and then return to their starting position due to their built-in hinge. There is no need for the shooter to leave his shooting position to manually reset the targets. A target and a base in a product!

Newbold self-sealing polymer targets were the first of their kind. Introduced in 1995, they still set the standard today for these types of targets.

The targets and bases are made of ElastiMAX, a very robust and flexible polymer material. This material allows the projectile to pass the target without the risk of ricocheting or splintering through bullet fragments. However it will transfer enough energy to the target to knock it over.

After a shot through the ElastiMAX material closes and leaves only a pinpoint hole. You can fire up to 1000 shots per target in caliber .45 caliber (for smaller calibers far more is possible) before the target must be replaced. We recommend the use of roundnose bullets in the calibers from .22 to .45.

No splinters make these targets ideal for use on indoor stands or even on stands where steel targets must not be used.

NEWBOLD goals are:

  • Safer than steel, as there are no bullets or rebounds
  • Much lighter than steel targets of the same size. They are light and easy to transport
  • Weatherproof, these goals can easily be left outside
  • Reactive, therefore a great training aid, since hits are immediately recognizable
  • Size: 10"
  • Shape: round
  • Color: red

Note: The L series does not require a separate base.

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